Creation Lab Records


Creation Lab Records is a division of The Creation Lab, Central California’s premier producers of film and audio.

The Creation Lab staff has over three decades of experience in the music business, having recorded and mixed numerous gold records, working with artists such as Kathy Mattea, Mark Miller (Sawyer Brown), Dave Innis (Restless Heart), Joe South, Ace Freley (KISS), Jason Newsted (Metallica), Dave Robbins (BlackHawk), Chris Rodriguez, Wanda Vick, Marty Robbins, Gary Lunn (WhiteHeart), Buddy Spiker, Shane Keister, Joe Stampley, Randy Goodrum, Dave Huff (Giant), Phil Driscoll, Carman, Larry Goss, John Starnes, Janet Paschal, Brent Rowan, DC talk, MTV Network and many more.

Films produced by The Creation Lab have won many awards and have cemented their reputation as a source for first-quality film and audio production.